[English is below]

当店の彫師ENのご予約状況に関してですが、1月初旬の交通事故によるケガの為しばらくENへのご予約受付を一時停止させて頂きます。全治2〜3ヶ月の予定ですが、 復帰の目処がたちましたらこちらにて改めてお知らせさせて頂きます。



EN the artist in our shop is taking a break for a while due to the injury from traffic accident. The injury to his fingers has 2 or 3 month recovery time schedule for now. As soon as we know when he return to work, we will inform you again.

We are very sorry to the customers that we made you worried  and cause you inconvenience.
Right now, he is in rehab and strive to recovery and we would very appreciate your understanding.

Truly yours,